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Delivering the digital office in the cloud.
Flexible, agile and efficient working for modern business.


Iron Grid provide all the components the modern office needs to operate without the limitations of physical premises.  We help implement strategies with your business to take advantage of cloud services helping you migrate to a more flexible, cost effective and responsive service.  Everything you need to compete in the market place, available anywhere on any device at a fixed price.  

Iron Grid Digital Office FEATURES

Virtual Desktop

Your desktop as it would be in a traditional office except quicker, more secure and always available. You and your team can access applications instantly..

Hosted Applications

We provide high availability hosting for web sites, email and critical business applications. We also partner to deliver both Microsoft 365 and Google G-Suite apps.

Team Working

We select the best available collaboration services and integrate them into your business. Video chat, presence, telephony and file sharing are all at your finger tips.

Backup & Recovery

Iron Grid provide a comprehensive range of leading backup and recovery solutions, each tailored to specific business requirements.


We provide and manage cloud based security services that deliver anti-virus and protection against hacking and ransomware as well as secure networking.

Remote Monitoring

Iron Grid provide remote monitoring and access for commercial premises including control systems, CCTV, access control and alert reporting.

"Iron Grid transformed the way we work as a team. Desktop apps, file sharing and instant communication are available anywhere in the world"
Dorothy Combes
Managing Director


Due to the current issues affecting businesses we are offering our backup products free until 31 July 2020 - sign up below.

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