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Recover a single file or an entire machine in seconds.

Data Recovery

Recover data whenever and wherever it’s needed.  Remotely restore from any point in time to machines locally or a laptop in another continent.

Large scale data recovery options allow data to be transported by disk if required.

Disaster Planning

IronGrid’s recovery systems can meet the most demanding Recovery Point and Time Objectives.

Engineers are available to assist with development of recovery plans, test drills and real-life recovery tasks.

Ransomware Protection

Agents protect against ransomware through proactive monitoring and prevent unauthorised alteration of backup vaults.

Off-site backups are isolated from any crypto algorithms that may be present.


Cloud Failover

IronGrid can recover physical or virtual machines to the cloud in as little as 15 seconds.

Options are available for warm standby allowing instant failover ensuring your business can continue to operate regardless of catastrophic events.

Statutory Compliance

Our solutions meet GDPR technical compliance recommendations including:-

  • Management of personal data
  • Search within archive
  • Full Data Encryption
  • Selected data storage location
Customer Services

IronGrid will remotely install and assist in recovery of data should the customer require it. 

We provide technical support and advice on issues such as retention planning, data restoration and test scenarios.

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